Famke Jewellery

A glorious human being with whom we are lucky enough to be great friends, Famke Koene is a household name in South Africa for her expertly-crafted range of stylish, handmade jewels. With a modern-classic aesthetic that produces clean, timeless designs, Famke and her team are renowned for their wearable lifestyle range, luxurious solid gold pieces and incredible bespoke engagement rings and keepsake jewellery.

Our objective when working with Famke was to create a set of earrings that bring a bit of style and sparkle to everyday wear, while being elegant enough to whip out for a special occasion. This objective was completely selfish as they were designs we felt were missing in our own collections but, thanks to Famke’s exquisite and inimitable eye, we’ve managed to create earrings that we think will slot effortlessly into any look.

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