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Edgy but elegant, these matte-effect brushed metal dagger studs can be worn pointing downwards or along the ear lobe, like a crawler. They are small and subtle, giving the contemporary shape even more versatility. They would also complement second or third hole piercings, especially other gold jewellery in geometric shapes.


Studded with beautiful, amber-toned citrines, these delicate mini-hoops will add subtle sparkle to your day while attracting abundance, prosperity and joy. Known as the “Light Maker”, the bright golden-yellow colour of citrines reflects their equally vibrant energy which helps the wearer to harness positivity, wealth and happiness. Their colour and clarity represent a healthy mind and body, associated as they are with the healing power of the sun, promoting emotional balance and stimulating feelings of optimism.


We both love a gold hoop earring and set out to design the perfect lightweight option for every day with the team at Famke Jewellery. With a flat, gently tapering profile, these elegant hoops are versatile and easy-to-wear, complementing a simple jeans-and-white-tee look as well as your favourite date night outfit.