Lauren Fowler x Collectif DIY Cross Stitch Kit


Cape Town-based illustrator, graphic designer, thing maker and our dear friend, Lauren Fowler, created this custom design for us as part of her best-selling range of DIY cross stitch kits.

“Cross stitch is a craft very dear to my heart. Cross stitch invokes the practice of patience and stillness whilst still keeping the hands busy, especially in this instant gratification, fast-paced world we live in. A kind of productive meditation.”

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The ‘It’s Self-Care, Bitch’ mantra came to life over a prego roll with Lauren, where we were talking about the importance of self-care and how proper self-care = a good life. Words to live by, people! We thought the mantra so perfectly encompassed this practice, that we asked Lauren to put it on a cross-stitch kit for us so that we could display it proudly in our homes.

So, if you value and prioritise looking after yourself, then a) you are our people, b) WELL DONE and c) you should display the cross-stitch kit proudly in your home too!

All sets come with:

  • one needle
  • one square of Aida canvas (black or white)
  • one 5 inch hoop
  • a ribbon to hang
  • 100% cotton thread
  • a pattern and instruction page