Famke x Collectif Citrine Huggie


Studded with beautiful, amber-toned citrines, these delicate mini-hoops will add subtle sparkle to your day while attracting abundance, prosperity and joy. Known as the “Light Maker”, the bright golden-yellow colour of citrines reflects their equally vibrant energy which helps the wearer to harness positivity, wealth and happiness. Their colour and clarity represent a healthy mind and body, associated as they are with the healing power of the sun, promoting emotional balance and stimulating feelings of optimism.

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Renowned for their clean, contemporary designs, the team of designers and goldsmiths at Famke Jewellery were an obvious choice for our first collaborative jewellery range. We worked with founder, Famke Koene, to create four unique pairs of earrings that are simple but elegant, and ideal for everyday wear.

Gold-plated sterling silver set with citrines

1cm (inner diameter)

1.5g each

Caring for your gold-plated jewellery
Gold plating is a process by which a thin layer of 9ct gold is coated onto the surface of the jewellery (in this case, sterling silver). Extra care should be taken to prolong the lifespan of your plated jewellery as it will natural wear over time. In order to do this, avoid bringing your plated jewellery into contact with perfumes, oils, lotions and chemicals and rather only wear your plated jewellery when you’re done working with those substances. You should also remove your plated jewellery when you are exercising, swimming or in the shower or bath.

For replating services, please contact Famke Jewellery directly on info@famke.co.za